EST. 1976

At any given moment, I work as a Creative Director, Director, Writer, Art Director and Elite-Level loudmouth and I enjoy them all equally. I am entrepreneurial and a maker in my guts. I have been awarded and recognised by Cannes, Clio, Art Directors Club, One Show as well as Creative Review, D&AD and Creativity for directing, writing and art direction / design. However, there is something far more important that you should know about me. I deeply despise reggae. You can't even fathom how much I hate it. I stayed with a friend once who did partake in the reggae and despite his generous hospitality, I visited on him a vicious tirade the likes he had not seen in some time. Just the other day on the underground, I heard its poisonous sound seeping from a fellow citizen's earphones. Despite this flagrant abuse of my basic civil rights, I stayed calm and remembered my training as I manoeuvred myself into a position from which to better advance him toward the oncoming train: from victim of heinous aural assault to righteous social assassin in one fluid move - something I generally prefer in life.

My favourite word is SUPERLUMINAL and I do all my own stunts.

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